Delta Airlines | HND-DTW | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
Ok yes I know I post a lot of Delta A350 routes, but I just love them so much! I hope I can fly on one of them in real life some day.

Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 276 Heavy

Route: Tokyo Haneda (HND/RJTT) - Detriot Metropolitan (DTW/KDTW)

Our ride for today’s flight

Blasting out of Haneda

Climbing high

Moon shot

Flying high

Morning over Alaska and the great drop off

Getting close

Final 4L

Safe landing in Detroit!

Takeoff and landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!


I love those pictures so much keep up the good work!

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Nice photos!

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Great pictures!

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Come to Atlanta and fly to LAX on a A359 , once a week :)

edit not happening no more.

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@PilotChrisSG i have topics with ATL as well!

Wow great pictures! Love the one where you are flying over Alaska!

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Imagine this photo as the loading screen of Infinite Flight 😍

A photo at its best! Request this photo on Twitter & tag InfiniteFlight for the same… @Jack_Q

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That would be a cool loading screen. Nice job!