Delta Airlines Event at KLAX

Happening all day on July 22nd, Anytime 10:30 Eastern time, 7:30 Western time. 2:30 GMT.
any Delta aircraft will do! Try to park at KLAX Terminal 5 gates 50B- Gate 60.


I’ll try and make it :)

I am currently waiting. My name is SKILL3DxP1L0T.

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What server?

Got it! I can’t go right now…Later possibly though! :)

ATC Playground.

On my way!

Ha! i see you. Where are you flying to

You choose, I’ll copy your flight plan.

I’m flying to palm springs.

I’ll follow you on the way

see you there!

dry low visibility the higher you get

good flight

Yup, great flight.

Still what was with you flying really fast right over me at the beginning?

I tried to catch up, but I couldn’t slow down in time, so I shot over you. Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Just out of bold curiosity do you have an Xbox? Sorry I just have to ask 😉

Yes, Xbox One. You?