Delta Airlines evaluating A320neo or 737 Max family order

Delta Air Lines is looking at both the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 Max for an upcoming narrowbody order.

“We’re in the middle of a RFP process to look at additional [narrowbody] aircraft,” says Gil West, chief operating officer of the Atlanta-based carrier, at a media event in Atlanta today.

Delta will use the aircraft from the order to replace older narrowbodies as they retire from its mainline fleet, he says. He declines to comment on which types it plans to replace.

The airline plans to remove the 113 Boeing MD-88s in its fleet by 2020. It will replace the aircraft with larger Airbus A321s and Boeing 737-900ERs.

The MD-88s are the oldest narrowbodies in Delta’s mainline fleet with an average age of 27.2 years, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows. The next oldest are its 65 A320s and 113 Boeing 757-200s that both have an average age of 22.3 years.

Both Airbus and Boeing offer direct replacements for the A320 – the A320neo and 737 Max 8 respectively – and Airbus offers the A321LR as a replacement for some of the long-haul 757s.

Boeing is developing a New Mid-market Airplane (NMA) that would carry 220-270 passengers up to 5,000nm. The aircraft, if launched, would replace long-haul 757s and fit between the 737 Max 10 and Boeing 787-8 in the airframer’s line.

“We’ll look at both aircraft on their merits and ultimately make a decision accordingly,” says West when asked whether Airbus’ investment in the Bombardier CSeries programme could impact Delta’s view of either airframer.

He declines to comment on a timeline for the order.

Delta is the only major US carrier without an order for the latest generation Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies. American Airlines has orders for both the A321neo and 737-8, and United Airlines for the 737-9 and -10.

Southwest Airlines was the launch customer for the 737-8.

Delta has narrowbody orders for 95 A321s, 36 737-900ERs and 75 Bombardier CS100s, Fleets Analyzer shows.

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This is literally just an exact copy and paste from here. This isn’t what RWA is for :)


Could you elaborate more rather than copying and pasting a news article? It would enhance the discussion ;)


Didn’t read but the answer is MORE BOMBARDIER


If it ain’t boeing I ain’t going. jkjk


Didn’t know I was reading a copied FlightGlobal article…lol


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After the trouble Boeing have caused them with the C series, this surely an order Airbus can’t lose.
With Airbus taking authority of the C-series program as of last night, Boeing may regret their little tantrum.

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Suprised they are looking into a big order of these. They have a massive order for the CS, Delta has a varied fleet of random aircraft. They should look into replacing everything with one aircraft family.


It’s a joke about the fact that the cseries is a very nice aircraft…

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I would argue the opposite. Delta has a massive amount of 717s and they need to find something in that size range and the CS-100 fits the bill perfectly. Going with A319s or 737-700s would be too heavy for those missions, Why burn 20~25% more fuel if you don’t need to?

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I know this is kinda off topic but does Delta have any orders for the 787 or is it just in the game

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They ordered them and then cancelled them. So no, not anymore :)


I think Delta may be pondering the possibility of a CS300 conversion/options, in addition to the current CS100 order. This also depends what actions Airbus takes with the CS programme, they could possibly roll out the CS500 in the near future with this new partnership.

They are steering more towards an Airbus long haul fleet and given the circumstances with Bombardier and Boeing I doubt Delta want to do immediate business with Boeing.

Lol, that’s what I was going to say, but school.
I think they need the CS to replace the old regi jets they have now. The A32X family would be a perfect fit for their med hauls and allow expansion to smaller European cities out of LGA or JFK, which they need to consolidate to one hub.

This is plagiarism and I would get kicked out of school for doing this on a report