Delta Airlines | DEN-SLC | Embraer E170

Hey IFC!
I’m glad I can still fly during the work week as much as I’d like, especially on days like this where some of my favorite regions are featured! Man do I love Colorado. I also really wanted to give this overflown plane some love. Anyways, let’s get to the details.
Server: Expert (Hats off to @Will_A for great ATC)

Callsign: SkyWest 3719
Finally! The pictures decided the show themselves.
Cleared for takeoff runway 25

Fun rotation with the small aircraft

Approaching the continental devide

What it really looks like

Reached cruise! Go eat some biscoffs!

Flying over the Colorado Utah border

Flying through a canyon into the salt lake valley

Landing in Salt Lake City in front of a beautiful southwest 737

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Hey there, thanks for stopping by at DEN. So many runways to utilize, and beautiful scenery as well.

I remember giving you runway 25 for departure because if your westbound flight. I hope the crosswind wasn’t too bad. I tried to save you some time. It was good to see you as always :)

Nice photos!


No @Will_A I really appreciated it! I knew there was going to be a pretty good crosswind with this runway. But I hadn’t flown the E170 in a while and didn’t remember that the E170 was really sensitive to crosswinds. But I don’t care, I just appreciate you thinking about the pilots and trying to give the most direct route to where they are going. Thanks again!

wow number 4 looks so real


oh um i am now disappointed.


Photo 3 and 4 are probably the coolest I have seen on IFC

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