Delta Airlines | DCA-LAX | Boeing 757-200

Hey IFC!
Yet another great 757 route. In real life in June 2019, I flew SLC-DCA on a DL-757 and boy was it a cool flight.

Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 317

Route: Washington Ronald Reagan KDCA - Los Angeles KLAX

Feast your eyes
Our ride

Blasting out of the nation’s capital

Climbing high

Most of Delta’s 757 have winglets but the one I took irl didn’t have them which was odd

Reached cruise

The Grand canyon! Always a great sight to see when flying into LAX


Final 24R

Safe landing in LAX!

Max power takeoff and landing movie (good headphones highly recommended)

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Wow someone who actually lands realistically on 24R!
Lol cool pictures


Right!! They always land on 25R for some reason


Yeah it’s really annoying lol


Great work!! Work on that aileron deflection so that way the wing doesn’t dip when you use the rudder. Trust me, I was doing the same thing when I first flew the 757 on open beta. Question for you, how did you share your video from google drive?

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I believe in real life there is an ops where it’s late on the evening and there isn’t a lot of traffic where they use 25R for both takeoff and landing. I could be wrong though.


I believe I’ve seen heavies come in on 25R (on YouTube 😂) but that’s it.

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Dude i really appreciate this i recently moved to DC and i love spotting at gravelly points, and the 757 is my favorite plane so thank you and the photos were amazing great job

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Fantastic photos! Really enjoyed see them

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I upload the file to Google drive from iMovie, then I go to details and activity and change the view permissions to “view” which means that anyone with the link can view the file. I just copy that link into the topic.

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