Delta Airlines CRJ-900 Blows 2 tires on takeoff from ATL

This happened just today.

ExpressJet 5508 was operating to Tulsa from ATL when it aborted takeoff at 9:22 am EST Today. Passengers safely depoarded the aircraft and were changed to a later flight.

The reason I found this is that I passed this aircraft at ATL today. Here is a blurry photo I got.


@DeltaCRJ-900 twisted ankle?


I saw the headline for your post and wondered if it was your plane, lol. Good job catching a quick photo.

Wow that doesn’t happen that often!

Nice getting A shot of the aircraft !

Since when has Will_A == Delta CRJ-900…


Sorry! Mistake there 😂 I have no idea why “yourself” is in there

Fixed now

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There was an airfield manager with a tight butt wondering if he missed something during his check… any word on what caused the dual blow out?

Do you think the first tire to blow, blew out the second?

Not entirely sure. I’m keeping my eye out for more news.

Tyre Blowouts are very common

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@DeltaCRJ-900, I really hope you get better soon. I sent a card to your hospital hanger and have donated to a fundraiser for your tire replacement. Best of wishes!


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