Delta Airlines changes boarding procedures

Today, Delta Airlines announced that they are changing how they board airplanes. They announced that they are ditching boarding zones and are know going to board based on ticket type! The Atlanta based carrier is renaming, and even color coding, its boarding groups, and increasing the number per flight from six to seven or eight depending on the aircraft. The goal: a smoother, more clear-cut boarding process. This is to begin in 2019. Here is the link to the article:

As someone who travels frequently, I welcome the change! I have always hated people pushing and rushing trying to get in front of the line to be number one when it doesn’t matter because you have assigned seats.

What is the communities thought on this?


Gate lice! I’m guilty of doing this.

I’ve never flown Delta Air Lines so I cannot give say about the current boarding system and how it compares to the newer boarding system. It sounds like it’s the same concept though. It’s usually servicemen/women, the handicap, the first class passengers board as it transitions to economy passengers – nothing spectacular to be honest. I still think the crowding will happen (especially with the new “main cabin” boarding group).

When will airlines adopt the rear-to-front boarding system? (for economy class at least). I know the idea has been thrown around a lot but I don’t think any airlines have taken any action on it. It seems to be much more efficient in my opinion.


I mean Delta’s is alright to be honest. I like the idea of assigned seats. Next to Delta would be Southwest. The line up by group (A,B,C) and then numeric value works good. I think if airlines adapted both assigning seats and the group (A,B,C) and numeric value then it would be smooth…

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