Delta Airlines | CDG-ATL | Airbus A330-300

Hey IFC!
I did this flight last night, and it was very uneventful. I only have about 10 days before I actually leave for Europe so I need to squeeze in as much flying as possible before then. This pictures are kind of dull, so sorry.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 83 heavy
Alright, let’s take a look at the pictures.
Rotation or 26R

Gear up

I love the A330’s wings

Flying over the English Channel

Once again we have another twin engine aircraft over the Atlantic.

Flying past New York

Almost there

Final 26R

Butter 26R

I hope y’all enjoyed these uninteresting pictures!


If they’re uninteresting then why did you post them? 🤨


Very interesting uninteresting pictures

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Don’t be that harsh. There still great 🙃.
Don’t Judge It’s Book By The Cover

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Lovely the 330 is one of my favorite

Haha I just wanted to give the A330 some much needed love.

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Love all the pictures, the a330-300 with the delta livery is one of my favorite planes! (747 being my favorite) I always call the a330 the butterbird, and you helped it live up to its name in Atlanta! Awesome job!

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Ah, cool route, like the one with the gear coming up!

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Because why not? They’re not that uninteresting anyway. Don’t be so negative

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Wow beautiful flight but I think if you start from US in Europe is sunsets

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Nice pics.

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