Delta Airlines | ATL-LGA | Airbus A319 (with terrifying Expressway visual)

Hey IFC!
Since I didn’t have much else to do, I decide to fly around and enjoy the featured airports. Today I flew from Atlanta, Georgia to LaGuardia, New York. Let’s take a look.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 2400
Alright! The pictures are ready.
Rotation out of ATL

Climbing out into the sky

Flying past the nation’s capital

Flying over Maryland

Tuned into tower - I informed tower @Louverture.EU that I would be making the Runway 31 Expressway visual approach before via PM.

Cleared to land

Found the Long Island expressway

Turning onto base

Terrifying short final

Somehow a safe landing in LGA!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Gorgeous shots!

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Nice shots man!

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Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to fly the A319!!

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There’s a college right next to LaGuardia that I visited a few months back called Vaughn. One of the coolest things that they had was what looked like a mini ATC tower, and inside you could walk up to the top and it was basically a big observation deck. You could pretty much the whole airport and it was right next to the approach into runway 4. Gotta say, seeing all these planes rushing by the tower and flying over the houses and the expressway was by far the highlight of the day.



Nice photos Jack 😆

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I now want to fly the Expressway visual 😂

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Great shots! I’m familiar with this approach as LGA is my home airport!

These are amazing!

I love flying the Delta A319 so much for some reason.

I really love these! I feel like they capture the feeling of action quite well.

The cockpit view on final is my favorite, I like the angle of how it looks!

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Cool pics! I haven’t done this approach before, but I know I need to…
Love the cockpit view on final, really gives a nice sense of the turn.

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