Delta Airlines | ATL-HND | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
Have I ever told y’all about my ATL nightmare? So I was flying MSO-DEN-ATL with UA last year. Both flights were delayed more than an hour. Our original scheduled arrival time in ATL was 12am but we landed at 2am EST. We had arrived in terminal E and we needed to get to baggage claim (essentially the other side of the largest airport in the world), but the issue was that since no flights were arriving or departing between 2 and 5 they shut down the inter terminal trains. So we had to find another option to get to baggage claim. Luckily there is an underground hallway between all terminals, but that meant we had to walk from one side of the largest airport in the world (in passenger count, not geographical size) to the other. That 30 minute walk felt like a week. Anyways!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Delta 295 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Our ride for today at Terminal F

Blasting out of ATL


Reached cruise!

Bored Pilots

Flying over the Alaskan/Canadian Mountains

And the famous terrain dropoff I’ve wanted fixed for so long

Flying over Anchorage

Flying high

Safe landing in Haneda!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice pictures there! I say, raw pictues are hard to pull of!


Damn, that ATL experienced seemed rough. Nice pictures tho!

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I think it’s smart Delta left NRT and moved all ops to HND. Haneda is superior to Narita in almost every way. It’s much closer to downtown, it has so much more parking and extra space, and not to mention it has 4 runways instead of 2.