Delta Airlines A330-300

Delta Airlines A330-330
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Beautiful weather with clear skies

Taking off, Cruise ,Landing, Right wing, Left wing, Bottom, Cockpit, Scenic views

What aircraft should I do next and destination?

InfiniteFlight_2019-04-19-17-59-48 InfiniteFlight_2019-04-19-18-00-07 InfiniteFlight_2019-04-19-18-00-41


Nice, my friend. The A330 is a great plane to fly!

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Nice pictures, I would suggest Perth to London overnight since there will be ATC in London Heathrow tomorrow. However, the flight takes up to 18 hours.

Looked like a smooth nice flight. Thanks for sharing

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ah iā€™m a bit busy in the next few days, 18 hours would be a bit too long haha, from monday i would be free

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