Delta Airlines A321neo

In the start of the new year Delta is supposed to start delivery of the A321neo. I have not heard any talk about the deliveries, and does anyone know when they will start to be delivered?

Idk exact dates but Ik 1st quarter 2020

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A simple google search found the answer. In the link attached, it states:

“Delta expects to take delivery of its first A321neo in the first quarter of 2020 with new aircraft arriving through 2023.”

In terms of exact date, nobody knows.


All we (Delta employees) know is we expect them Q1 2020.


Thank you everyone!

Also first quarter 2020 can mean all the way out till March 31, between there two plants Airbus makes about 60 A32X aircraft a month, so the plane very well may not even be in production yet. We shall see when it arrives, but until a few days before delivery when it starts doing test flights we may not see much of anything…

We will take delivery of 14 A321 Neo’s next year.

As @anon41771314 noted, a good rule of thumb here on the IFC is to do a quick google search before posting. These topics can be avoided by a quick search and can clog up the forum.


It is expected in late 2020 now fyi. New First Class seats announced!

Source: Delta

Those seats look pretty comfy. Awww they look great 😉

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