Delta Airlines A320NEO vs 737MAX Order

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Delta wants to replace their aging fleet of mad dogs and 717s with a new bird, but which one? The A320NEO family or the 737MAX family?

My Thoughts

Delta has the oldest average fleet age of any of the big three, and it is known for buying old second-hand aircraft for a reduced cost. This has, in a way, damaged their reputation as people want to fly new safe, not T-tail birds. They have a large order for 75 CS100s to replace their smaller regional jets like their 717s, MD90s, 757s, and some of their older 737s and A320s.

However, 75 small jets is simply not enough to fill the hundreds of small aircraft in Delta’s fleet. They already have orders of 737-900s and A32Xs to keep up with the retirement of the old birds. But, as you can see in the article, they need something new. I think that if they decide to order they need to choose one family and stick with it, two major aircraft families raise operation costs, and is unnecessary.

My choice for the next aircraft for Delta would be the A320 NEO family. Its versatility would allow Delta to expand and modernize their domestic route network and expand into the smaller Carribean, European, South American, Hawaiian, Latin American, and Canadian airports. The A321LR would be a perfect fit for Hawaiian airports like Kona. European airports that Delta does not currently serve but wouldn’t sustain an A330. The A320 could also expand into the Carribean which Delta could profit a lot from. I am excited to see what Delta will do.

Your Thoughts

What do you think?
What should Delta choose and why?
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  • Airbus A320 NEO Family
  • Boeing 737 MAX Family
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i didn’t know which to pick as i like both aircraft

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DL tends to lean toward Airbus with their aircraft. With more pilots familiar with Airbus NEO seems like the obvious choice.


Boeing cause ‘Murica not like those european computers


Here’s a look at the livery on both aircraft:

I much prefer the 737MAX. I want to see more support for Boeing and the US market. Delta has been buying too much Airbus lately.


I’m gonna have to go with Neo. I would guess Delta still isn’t so happy with Boeing after what they did with the CSeries, even though Airbus stepped in and helped…


True. I thought about that as well, my vote here must go to Airbus.

Oh wow, I thought Delta completely ditched Boeing. Since they will be getting rid of the 757/767s, I say they go with the A321neo… SHOCKER RIGHT.But here is why-
The Transatlantic routes they operate are mostly 757s and 767s, so they can use the A321neo as the replacement. It think that the range of it is perfect for these routes. As much as I hate to say it, they should go with the option from Airbus.

That’s good buy more Airbus delta !!! I’m not a fan of Boeing

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It’s important to realize that Boeing hasn’t won recently with Delta. They lost an order for 737-700s to the CSeries, before that it was the 777-200 and 787-9 that lost to the A350-900 and A330-900NEO (I am aware that there was a recent order for 20 737-900ERs but that is relatively insignificant).

They may be desperate for a significant order from Delta, and therefore be willing to offer bigger discounts. It may also be easier for Delta to leverage discounts from Boeing if they are going to support their MoM aircraft, but that’s a different topic.

What will most likely happen is Delta will order 100 or so 737MAXs and 100 or so A320NEOs. It’s a shame that Delta doesn’t care about keeping a simple fleet plan, but it does allow one to fly on many different aircraft families.

TL;DR: Boeing probably wants to sell Delta planes, but Delta will likely split the order between the A320NEO and the 737MAX families.

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I like both Airbus and Boeing because they both manufacture beautiful aircrafts. I think Delta should invest more in Boeing since they have been buying too much Airbuses.

Airbus! I’m not just saying that because I’m all Airbus fan lol but because Boeing took a big dump on them. Move the pile out of the way and take a look at the beautiful Airbus.

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