Delta Airlines A310

This is an older livery of Delta
Credit goes to Peter De Groot


Too plain.


You can barely tell its delta (apart from the wording on the fuselage)


Plain isn’t the word. A Plain Plane sounds wrong to me, call it a Bland and Not very interesting livery HB.

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It’ll be easy for the developers to create I guess, but is it still worth having a livery, which is 95% white

Its the generic livery with “Delta” painted on the aircraft.

Pretty much…

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I actually like this livery, for some reason…

Is it because it’s bland?

No! I just like for some reason…

Is it Color?

It is a pineapple and not a plane…

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The a310 looks strange to me with it being so short and fat

im not gonna pay $8 for a bland a310

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That logo looks great. Even though it’s boring it would still be a nice addition.

I’m a huge Delta fan and I’ve never seen that livery before. I do not like it.

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It was an ex-Pan Am livery back when they took over some PA routes. They also took a couple A310s, and rather than fully paint them right away, this one just had the PA billboard titles removed and a small Delta logo shoved onto it. They were repainted, however, and looked like this:

Credit to Pedro Aragão, Wikimedia Commons

Note: The above photo is of an A310-200, not an A310-300 like the one posted above. The only difference between the two is mostly just the wingtip fences.

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It looks like a 777 got kicked in the back and its nose went into the cargo building…

Although I do kind of like the livery

This livery is a bit too plane for me.

I’d definitely prefer that one by far!