Delta Airlines 767-400ER (2010 BCRF Livery)

Hopefully the 767-400ER gets added! I really want the devs to add more special liveries, especially ones like these that support cancer awareness and research.

This is the older livery and was recently repainted.

(not my photo)


Even though I am a B777fan, I like this 767-400ER because it’s a 767 that has impersonated a 777. Plus this features the cockpit from a 777. @Boeing707 loves this plane.

I say since the 767-400ER doesn’t have a lot of liveries, there is a chance every one of them might be added when the time comes.


I love the 764 but I’ve been less and less of a fan of the breast cancer livery

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I thought you used to really like it? Oh well.

I thought it was a 777 by the raked wingtips LOL :) But a nice livery, because I’m a supporter of the campaign against breast cancer.

The 764 is becoming one of new favorite planes!

I can see why, it’s so beautiful. (But not as beautiful as the 777) 😉

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