Delta Airlines 757-232 (Salvador Dali Mustache Livery)

I have finally found something. A 757 with a mustache. This is incredible. Now my life is complete with this.
Yeah really like this and credit for the photo goes to #Hector


How’s that a moustache .-. I’m disappointed…

I’m just kidding. This would certainly be a rather unique livery. I doubt that the devs would add it (though I may be wrong) cos it’s just the normal delta livery with a moustache.

Comes from here XD


Yeah I know it is just a delta livery with a mustache but we have the QuantasLink Dash 8 with the breast cancer awareness symbol.

As in, there’s already the delta 757 livery in game.

Ok well just have this here for now.

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You were bound to request this.


Yes I was there were two different airlines with the mustache. Delta or Scandinavian Commuter. I went for the most on fleek and well trimmed and that was Delta.

Ok lah pruss huan for the 3D effect