Delta Airlines 757-200 (Old Livery)

I searched, and I found one request with an old livery (Deltaflot), but this one is a different livery. If this one however is a duplicate please let me know and flag it to be closed. Thanks!

I really like this livery and it looks great on the 757. Probably my favorite part is the chrome on the bottom!
Not my photo, source

I’d love this livery on the 757. They have a bunch of these liveries still on the aircraft stationed at the ATL Delta museum. I’ve also run out of votes :(.


This livery is great in general. Sadly, competition is tough in this category, and votes are limited.


Excellent livery! Great request! You got my vote!

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A definite classic. I just ordered a GeminiJets Delta Boeing 737-900S, and already have a Delta 757-200. Right now, Delta is my favorite airline. Unfortunately, I don’t have any votes!

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Definitely a must, the 757 needs a retro look in IF. It has to be one of my favourite Delta liveries too.

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I totally agree. It’s not my favorite livery, but I still really like it and it looks great on a 757.

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No there is only a post for the Colors in Motion livery for the 757.

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Real cool livery! Might free up a vote for this. Might help to bump it too…

Although I like this livery I prefer the previous one “colors of motion”


This needs a bump bc yes hump and vote

Bump? Can this be added lol

Yes we need more non winglet liveries

I presume you mean the previous request, since Colors in Motion came after this, known as the Widget livery.

OMG I absolutely LOVE the vintage Delta livery and this one is beautiful. I ran out of votes but I hope all of our comments in agreement counts too :)

Unfortunately I don’t have any free votes, but you have my support!

My personal favorite Delta livery, it’s amazing to see just how long Delta used this, essentially the same, livery! What a sight on a 757!

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