Delta Airbus A321-200 has been spotted

Looks like so far the first scheduled flight is on the morning of May 1st from KMCO-KATL. Suprising that is is not the other way around, maybe they will have a private inaugural flight beforehand?

V2500s look so much better IMO. At least they have sharklets.

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They probably selected the CFM56 because the A321 serves rather short routes in the beginning of 1-2 hours. I heard it’ll be deployed on ATL-SoFlo routes…

The transcon A321 you see at AA have IAE’s for example, the better engine for longer routes.

Guess you’re right

And for commonality with the 319 and 320 fleets


O_O, OMG it’s so beautiful! If I’m not mistaken I’ll see them locally at KXNA.

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Add this and has any Airbus a321’s been spotted in a factory for Hawaiian airlines yet?

No, Hawaiian ordered the A321neo iirc, and those have not been delivered to any companies yet.

Ok thanks
For the info

i have found one delta airbus a321 in service to delta here’s the tail number N301DN

That’s the very first a321 for delta. I spotted it too.

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That’s my ultimate wish, for the Delta livery in the A321 🙏

The mighty IAE’s. Jetstar’s A320 family look awesome with them. Silver, sleek and streamline. The perfect match!

yes the wild and mythical Delta A321-200
is this at MSP?

This has been in the wrong category for 3 months :o

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Category detective strikes again ! ;)


That is the only A320 family plane I like.

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