Delta Airbus A321-200 has been spotted

At XFW, not in service of course.


Not my image, source:


And why isn’t it in service, I ask you? Retired, damaged, to expensive to maintain or for the scrapyard?

It’s just rolled off the factory and the paint shop. DL doesn’t operate it (or any) commercially yet.

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Sorry, but I just don’t understand. And why does DL not operate any or it commercially yet? Very sorry if I am taking up your time.

In short, it wasn’t delivered to Delta yet for commercial use


Oh…thank you for the explanation.

No problem, I can explain.

Delta is late to the A321 party and ordered 100 of them 2(?) years ago. Since then, it’s been a waiting game to see what the first Airbus A321-200 in Delta colors will look like. However, today Delta’s first A321 has rolled out of the paint shop in complete Delta colors. Soon, it will begin flight testing and ultimately delivery to Delta. Maiden flight will be ATL-MCO or ATL-FLL if I recall correctly


Might want to fix that :)

Anyways, thank you for the explanation.

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Because they didn’t get delivered yet

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Thank you for the short “saying”.

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I hope they never change this livery! It’s perfect! Will it have “DELTA” written on the belly? :)

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I would imagine

Hopefully! Just like their 242 Tonne Takeoff weight A333! (Currently flies to KJFK)

Hope it’s Orlando. If its there, expect some pictures!

I know it will initially be on ATL-Florida flights. Pretty sure I read TPA, MCO, and FLL being some of the initial markets. had a good thread running on it. Check that site or Airline Route


Why couldn’t this have rolled out before the a321 update😩
They also placed orders for the a350-900.

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There’s always the possibility that it could be added someday


I think the 321 looks particularly good in DL’s livery. It seems like the logical 757 replacement option with what is currently available on the market.

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They have CFM’s :( .

Maybe we’ll see this livery in IF :)