Delta Air Lines Nationwide Groundstop (Breaking911)

Delta Air Lines has issued a nationwide groundstop of all of its aircraft due to system trouble.

This is a tweet from Delta responding to a customer about a delay.

It is a developing story.


Woah they just had a tech glitch and now this
Hopefully this is resolved before tomorrow and they r lucky it’s night in America as the amount of flights are less than day

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Yeah, it happened to everyone, but seems like Delta has been affected more than the others.

Did they try turn it off and on?

Out of jokes…That’s actually pretty bad, considering the domino effect and the amount of flights around the world.


Well remember about the west coast. They are still wide awake!


Does that mean delta didn’t fly any flights today?

Yeah but the majority of flights are in towards the east
West coast is just SEA and LAX,only have about 150 routes combined

Now, this is interesting. Not every day you see this happen. I hope everything is ok.

As per the article, “The issue caused hundreds of flights to be halted and thousands of passengers stranded. International flights were not affected.”

With that being said, the incident happened fairly recently so no, not all Delta flights today were cancelled :)

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Dang that really bad day for delta airlines

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Thankfully I have the day off tomorrow #notmyproblem


Hope Delta gets through this ok

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I know that DAL also has some long hauls to asia from PDX. I assume those will be affected too?

INTL routes arnt affected luckily:)

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Delta’s groundstop has been lifted and all systems have been restored according to USA Today and a tweet by Delta. Delays were only up to about an hour for domestic flights. International flights and flights in the air were not affected.

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Phew very fortunate this was very brief.Kudos to delta IT!

That’s a pretty big deal. Was it just flights waiting to depart right? In air flights did not have to land correct?

@KPIT Correct


This is interesting! At least they were able to fix their issue.

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