Delta Air Lines MD-11 KIAH-FNLU. Took 14 hours 13 minutes

This is my game the plane of Delta Air Lines (N806DE) MD-11 from Houston (IAH/KIAH) to Luanda (LAD/FNLU) and diverted Monrovia (ROB/GLRB) remain fuel again load full wings, over the Atlantic Ocean.

14 hours 13 minutes

Delta Air Lines (N806DE) MD-11 (Tri-Jet).


Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Aeroporto International 4 de Fevereiro. Quarto de Fevereiro International Airport (LAD/FNLU). Luanda, Angola 🇦🇴.


I hate that a lot of people do fake routes on IF. It defeats the purpose of realism. Hopefully people will stop doing this.


i mean some people just do it, like if ifatc is at japan and the next day they are at let’s say DNMM, people would just fly from japan to lagos

Remember that Infinite flight is a simulator and you can fly wherever you want, which is great! A lot of people that fly “fake” routes can also be professional. If you want just realistic routes you should probably choose another sim or fly solo :)


@Elefanths None, because I usually the game Server Casual for IF, too 🤷🏽‍♂️.

@CHUNGUSflys I’m sorry.

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Don’t be. You are free to fly wherever you want, it’s IF.

@CHUNGUSflys, you may need a lesson. Realism culture


@Pilot_Felix No, it isn’t. I usually the game to continue Server Casual the game anything.

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Might as well just fly irl then. Defeats the purpose of a sim and it’s capabilities at that point. We can all agree to disagree though.

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This was actually a real route although operated by SonAir (An Angolan airline) using a wet-leased Atlas Air 747-400. The route was ceased due to a slump in global oil prices as the route was mainly used to accommodate the energy sector traffic between the two cities.

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@Kiz @CHUNGUSflys Also, when former SonAir (Operated by World Airways) lease old Livery from World Airways (N278WA) model of McDonnell Dougas MD-11ER (Extended Range) for direct from Houston to Luanda, Angola the last year in 2010 since for the true story.

Thats a big conversation


You are looking list for airlines SonAir old livery model MD-11.