Delta Air Lines Introduces New First Class On A321neo

Delta Air Lines will introduce a brand-new First Class seat once their A321neos arrive later this year.

These new seats are manufactured by Factory Design and Recaro using passenger feedback.


The new first class seat features:

  • Increased privacy without reducing seat width
  • A larger tray table, including 25% more workspace
  • A dramatic increase in storage compared to the A321ceo seat
  • Power port that face the customer (seen in the literature pocket of the rendering above)
  • Memory foam cushioning for increased comfort.

These seats will also feature Delta’s new entertainment system found on their A220s.

In comparison, this is the current A321ceo First Class.

(Image by Onemileatatime)

Delta currently has 100 A321neos on order with an additional 100 options. They’ll be delivered starting later this year through 2023.

The A321neo will feature 20 First Class, 30 Delta Comfort+, and 147 Economy Seats for a total of 197 seats.

Overall, this looks great but it seems kind of tight. However, it’s way better than American Airlines’ A321neo cabin.


Best thing about the seat is the shell, especially with all the complaints that happened in November and the huge debate about how reclining is a right/privilege. Looks pretty weird in my opinion though

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Cool!! hoping to fly on these

Beautiful jet and cabin… sure gives the 737s a run for their money. Rest assured that when you fly DL, you won’t get delAAyed.

Delta seems to keep updating their cabins, even on older jets such as the Boeing 757-200. However, their employees like @Hopperbolic are the best in the biz.


Awwwwww shucks man 🤭 @Alex_Kyte


Are they fixed shells though? I kinda assumed they’d still recline entirely.

Wow that looks like the best and it definitely looks comfortable!!

That looks a bit weird, but I’m sure it’ll be better than the current first class. Delta is really stepping up their game.

You know, I’m not really an A321 guy but these are some pretty good seats.

Can’t wait for these planes to arrive…hopefully they fly to SJC! :D

That looks small for first class though… I guess that’s just for the neo.?

Awesome! I love delta! I can’t wait for the new 321neos!!

Like the look! Just wish the big upper part of the seat didn’t block the second window so much

New rendering


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Seems like an improvement of the seats Oman has on their 737max.
Nice to see airlines getting innovative on their single-aisle products.

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Idk… something about that legroom seems a bit… off.

Looks the same as the current products legroom.

I don’t understand how these seats are classified as “First Class.” It’s barely a premium economy seat, maybe a glorified domestic business seat. Not first class.

Have you seen the typical European “business class”?

This is awesome, i love Delta!

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