Delta Air Lines Flight

We are flying from Singapore to Malaysia. You can fly at altitude 16000 maxbut must maintain speed of 250 knots and when close to Malaysia in 10 nm maintain 180 knots and 160 knots when in 5nm . Top of descent speed is 230 knots. You are allowed to do formation flying. When taking off set altitude to 10000 to 16000. When descending descend to 10000, 5000 and then 1000 when close to runway. That’s all thanks .

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Event details:

• playground server

• Wednesday 28

• Event Start Time - 00:00am England time

• Event End Time - 02:00am 28/10/2015

• Region: Malaysia/singapore

• Aircraft type: Delta airlines

• Starting location: Singapore changing airport
• Recommendations: Have fun.
*A valid Live subscription is needed.

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