Delta Air Lines 'Colors in Motion' MD-11

Delta Air Lines ‘Colors in Motion MD-11’

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Many of you know this livery as Deltaflot, given the strong resemblance to the Russian flag on the tail. And yeah, I agree about that. The livery was a transition between the old Delta Air Lines livery which we currently have on the MD-11 and the new Delta livery which is on all of their current aircraft. The livery is very nice and gives Delta a different vibe of not quite retro, but also not quite modern, and it just is satisfactory. I’d love to take this out on some Trans-Atlantic long hauls or cross country flights. Great addition!

I don’t really care about the Russian reference. This livery’s my childhood. Would absolutely love it in the sim.


If I were to support it it’s for the simple fact that I have 2 toy planes in this livery, one of which is RC but idk where the remote is :/, never really understood this livery tbh

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ironically i really wanna make a features request with like a general update to the md 11. and not the aircraft itself because its ECELLENT but they just… didnt give us good liveries at all, and the ones that they did give are super obscure or hard to find info on. for instance they gave us a delta livery, but like the earliest on delta md 11 livery possible, that they changed after like 6 yrs in service, and is so hard to find like routes on? i can’t explain it but i love going for realism and i think they disappointed with the swiss, thai, and delta liveries by giving us the most short lived versions of each. like the thai one is from the last 2 yrs of service when it was mostly doing short haul routes. or the swiss one instead of swissair because swiss only kept the md 11 for a year, but swissair had 20 of them and they lasted a decade as the flagship. yk? its so easy for them to add like the 737 or 787 they just forget to update classic airplanes. the md 11 isn’t even that old they added it in 2017-18

Very short lived livery like the UA Tulip
Would be cool to have another retro livery added to IF

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The only difference is that I liked (and still like) a lot the UA Blue Tulip livery 😂

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I much prefer this livery than delta’s new livery, I love the fabric style finish on the tail

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The livery is nice, I just don’t get what it’s supposed to represent cough cough BA World Tails

Me neither, I do like the fabric style tail finish but it kinda looks like a flag and the blue and red colours mean nothing for me,

Yeah. The designers looked to include red, white and blue on the tail but it ended up looking unexpectedly Russian.

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I always noticed, when closely looking at the tail, that it did look like the Russian flag. Didn’t know about the Deltaflot term. Clever! 😀

A huge bump! The Deltaflot livery is my favourite Delta livery.

I’d like to see this livery on the 767-300ER when it gets a rework, as it’d open up a lot of possibilities to do some 2000s-era 767 routes.

Nick Hoffmann: Delta Air Lines
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 N813DE
MAN/EGCC Manchester Airport
April 7, 2003
Photo credit Karl Mullock.

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