Delta Air Lines "Colors in Motion" 777-200ER

In my opinion, classic liveries are a reminisce from a golden era of aviation. This livery in my opinion is a stunning one, and a reminder of just how old the 777-200ER actually is. If you’d like to see this as part of the upcoming 777 rework, please do spare a vote.

I like that livery but I’m not too sure that it’s worth a vote for me, but you should make sure to vote for your own topic

Right, forgot that function existed. Well, if this gets enough attention you can clear your vote for other things.

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Little bit of a mistake here. This here’s the actual Colors in Motion. The one you’re showing is called the Interim Livery.

Either way, I would love to see a livery I’ve seen in my childhood appear on the 777. I’d take a vote off for this one if I could!


Ahh ok, I shall amend the title, thanks for the correction.

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looks kinda like aeroflot


I love the retros and you got my hard earned vote this is a beauty ! Would love to see this in the sim …

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I love this livery, but on my list some other liveries should come first! If I had a spare vote, I’d drop it. Good Luck

Well, liveries don’t need a whole lot of votes, just enough to garner some attention. I’m still looking forward to other liveries as part of the rework though.

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This is my favorite Delta livery of all time. In fact, it’s better than their current one. A lot of current liveries are so boring. I mean come on…All White with maybe a few hints of one other color?

This has earned my vote.

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Yup, this livery was being worn by some 772’s as they arrived for the first time at some airports!

Additional bump. If there’s a livery update coming, I freaking want this one in.

This requires a bump. Looks great.

Ah, the Deltaflot. An interesting livery from a jumbled period of Delta’s history.

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