Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-700

Delta Air Lines B737-700

Hi! This is a feature request for the Delta livery on the B737-700. I think the 737 is a beautiful aircraft to fly and I would really appreciate if it was added to IF!

Delta Air Lines is a huge US Airline, with it’s main hub at KATL.

So, what are you waiting for, why not give a vote, and support this beautiful livery!

We have the 800?Dont you think its kinda similar

He can still make a feature for it, we have the American 320 and 319 but they are different planes used on different routes :-)


delta has few 737-700s
I don’t really think this would be a good livery choice but I wish to see every delta livery in the game


True,Since you vote for this now,it may come in the 737 rework some day

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We actually do not have the American A319 :)

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You are right lol i meant the 320 and 321


Analogy would fit better with the 319 though if we had it

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This would help me with my flights to Key West.


We have the 700/800 and soon the 900 of Southwest Airlines so it’s not beyond precedent

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Since no one has requested about this livery, then it should be added in future updates. This livery should be nice to add to the 737-700.


Southwest doesn’t operate the 900s

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The Dairy Queen would be a great livery in the sim

”DQ” is the registration suffix

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This livery would be great. I feel like the 737-700 is missing lots of great liveries.

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Me too. We need it to complete the Delta Airlines fleet for Infinite Flight.

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Now that unfortunately delta has retired the -700 from their fleet it would be a good tribute to this baby 737 on IF


That’s very cool!

i would love to fly this

Yeah I would