Delta Air Lines B717 IF Trip Report!

Hello IFC members, welcome to my second IF trip report! I took a casual trip for fun from Raleigh Durham (KRDU) to Westchester Co airport (KHPN) it was a decent flight, but it could have been better. Here’s the full report and some pics.

At 10:00 on this IF day. At the main terminal at KRDU, I encountered the Boeing 717 (N891DL) that would take us on our flight.

I walked into the 717, the seats were old, but the interior was good. It was pretty comfortable overall.

We started our takeoff roll on runway 23R. I managed to get this picture on rotation.

After rocketing out of KRDU, I got this pic of the suburbs of the city. We are almost at cruising altitude. I fell asleep shortly after taking off.

I woke up just in time for snack and to get this amazing shot of this river delta.

I got my camera out for this shot on our decent over the New York countryside. I heard something about low fuel on the intercom.

We had a go-around after a super turbulent approach, we ended up going around again, and all three approaches we did were super turbulent and windy.

Finally, after 3 approaches, we touched down at KHPL. We had a hard landing, probably -VS 1000. So yeah, super hard touchdown.

Finally, we got to our gate at KHPL, it was a good flight, but it could have ended better.

I hope you enjoyed my second IF trip report. Some info about fuel, I landed with about 10 minutes left. Well, thanks for stopping by, happy landings! 😃👍🏻😎


I think this needs to be moved to #screenshots-and-videos.

Other than that I love trip reports!


I love this!


Yeah I need to move this. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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No worries…


Nice trip report @Butter_Boi


Nice trip report! But a -1000fpm Landing? That doesn’t sound fun for the passengers 😬

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Nope, not fun. it was hard! Had barely any fuel, and turbulence, and wind. Well at least this is IF. 😉

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Didn’t know there were people still flying the 717s lol


Delta has more than half of the remaining ones…

I’ve flown on a 717 in IRL the cabin looked exactly like the one in IF my overall experience on it was terrible But this trip report was great I love them!

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Amazing! Especially the cabin pic 😍


Thanks for all the support guys! 😃👍🏻😄

have we ever figured out why the 717 is one of the only planes with a cabin?


You’re welcome 😄👍🏽


Wow, nice pictures!

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Yay more people to RDU!

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This plane needs an immediate update. This plane should not be wasted


I agree, this is an awesome plane, with historic roots like the DC-9.

Rework the 717!

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Thanks guys for the support! I’ll make another trip report soon!