Delta Air Lines Airbus A321-200Neo (N501DA) Ship 5001

Hi all good everyone, I saw a check on the internet for Google information about Delta Air Lines. First, a new Airbus A321Neo was delivered from Hamburg, Germany. Delta Air Lines Airbus A321Neo has a 155 fleet and the front windows cover mask color is black, only 6 doors and less 2L/R doors are empty while passengers added 6 more seats in the plane.

It has more passengers; the count is 20 First Class, 42 Delta Comfort+ Economy, and 132 Economy total 194 seats in the plane.

The 2 class passengers count is 16 Delta One, 12 Delta Premium, 54 Comfort + Economy, 66 Economy total 148 seats in the plane.

Delta the first ferried flew from Hamburg Finkenwerder (EDHI/XFW) to Atlanta (KATL/ATL) via Bangor (KBGR/BGR) ← it was refueled last on March 23, 2022 arrived at home hub Atlanta sit these at times rest calm. Delta is an Airbus A321-271Neo. The back tail ship number “5001”. It is planning right now will be to replace from the Airbus A319, A320, Boeing 717-200, Boeing 757-200, and Boeing 767-300ER fleets in the future.

Credit Photo from RobertLN.
Date Taken: March 23, 2022 at Hamburg Finkenwerder (EDHI/XFW).

Delta the engines are 2 x PW PW1133G.

Original Test Registration: D-AZAA.

Next, Delta gets it as an A321neo and does not source in the service yet when between this Spring or Summer first flying comes soon.

It’s to use on the internet for Google information.

“Simple Flying” it to uses on the internet for Google information, too.

Why I want to like Delta Air Lines is an Airbus A321-200Neo. Feel free to support your vote to be able to play a new game on IF, in the future, have fun!

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I don’t think they”re gonna add A320neo, for now,

First scheduled flight coming up this month!

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It’s so cool Delta received the first A321Neo. Delta do like A321Neo the schedule to go where it is at?

Delta has a new Airbus A321neo the first time the service from Boston has flown to San Francisco.

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