Delta Air Lines A220-100

The Delta A220

Earlier, Deltas first A220 was unveiled and is expected to be delivered in October/November of 2018.

About the A220

The Airbus A220, formerly known as the Bombardier C-Series and is a twin engine passenger aircraft. This would be a great aircraft for IF!

Why I want this

This plane looks gorgeous! I think it would make a great addition to IF if we ever get the A220! The A220 itself would be a great addition itself so I would love to see this aircraft!

Credits to Airbus

It would be great if you could link where you found the picture and give proper credits to the photographer, if you can find who it was :)

Other than that, the Delta livery fits this aircraft very well, looks modern and sleek ;)


Go vote for it here


That’s the request for the A220 itself. I’m requesting the livery.


haha yea thats fine- but every vote counts on the a220 Tread ;)


I think he wanted you to vote for that too.

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Well I had already voted for that aircraft before anyway.

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Just learned something new today, Never even knew the A220 existed

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Well the A220 once was the Bombardier C-Series so it might have been confusing.

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You can learn more about it here :)

But to narrow it down here’s all you need to know: Airbus purchased a 50.01% majority stake in the CSeries program in October 2017, with the deal closing in July 2018. As part of the deal, Bombardier retained a 31% stake in the aircraft and Investissement Québec retained a 19% stake.

With Airbus owning the majority of the CSeries Program now, giving them the rights to change the name of the aircraft to A220, (previously known as CS100).


ah so what I got from this and the wiki article is it’s pretty much a rebranded CS100 so not exactly new per say


Exactly, they (Airbus), now owns the majority of the program so they as you said rebranded by calling it A220, to line up with their aircraft names (A330. A340. A350. etc…)

It’s not a new plane, it’s the same CSeries from that Bombardier made, no owned by Airbus.

And now Delta is getting their hand on their first A220 ;)

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That is one nice-lookin plane! I’d be all for it, except I wish I had more votes to give… :/

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I have a theory on small planes like these why do they always have to be difficult to land perfectly

I’m going to get shouted at am I

There’s just enough airlines currently with orders that you’re really better off voting first to get it INTO IF first-they’d likely put all the liveries on it if/when it gets added.

You’ve got some big ones like
Air Canada, Delta, Swiss, Air Baltic, JetBlue etc. that would all have the A220’s so it would make sense to ship the plane with said liveries. Vote to get it INTO infinite flight first and then if by some strange reason it isn’t released with the DL livery, then circle back on this.

Even though it’s the A220 now controllers at Heathrow (maybe more airports, I don’t know?) still call it the C series as the A220 is very similar to an A320.
If the controller instructed an aircraft to ‘give way to company A220 on the left’ they could hear A320 which could lead to an incident.
I like the Delta livery on the plane though, it looks really smart!

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Nice request, though I’m sure this livery will be made if the CS/A220 is added.


I absolutely agree!! This airplane has got a very nice design to it, would love to see it in-game. I think this one will be awesome for short and quick flights. :D

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I’m just going to bump this due to the inaugural flight recently. 😊

Be sure to check out the reviews by @HiFlyer and @iTripReport


I was able to spot this aircraft just moments ago. The Delta A220 registrated N103DU flew right over my house on an approach to LGA from Boston. I would love to see this airplane one day. Seriously.