Delta Air Lines' 717s Will Receieve Seatback Entertainment/IFEs & Will Remain In The Fleet Through 2030

Was planning on posting this earlier today as someone claimed it was internally released by Delta, which needed a bit more verification, but it looks like it’s out as onemileatatime is now covering it.

Delta will keep its 717s through 2030 and will install personal televisions at every seat.

  • Delta currently has 91 717 aircraft and will keep all through 2030.
  • Delta will install PTVs at every seat, which they claim will cost $70 million.
  • The 717s are around 20 years old, so once they retire they’ll be 30+.


In my opinion, this is amazing. Delta continues to refurbish aircraft with refreshed seats and add personal TVs at every seat. I am a huge advocate for personal entertainment.

This is fantastic compared to what competitors American and United are doing with their fleet. Both AA and UA will continue to take delivery of domestic narrow-body aircraft (MAX, 321neo, etc.) without personal TVs.

American Airlines is planning on stripping out PTVs on current legacy AA A321s and 738s in favor of less comfortable “Oasis” seats and BYOD entertainment.

Current Delta 717 Interiors:

Pics by Delta Air Lines Fleet Boeing 717-200 Details and Pictures

What are your thoughts on this?


I love the IFE’s in airplanes. This will be awesome, especially since it’s on a Boeing 717.

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For those who have a device to bring, I’d honestly prefer this. Unless you’re in some really high end seat I find most of the time my iPad has a bigger, higher resolution, more colorful screen. I don’t find this to be that bad, but I’ve far from tried all the In flight TVs, so… 🤷🏻‍♂️

I far prefer IFE, I don’t like using my own device because chances are your batterY ends up getting drained and it’s impractical to use on a tray table for example if you are eating and all that. Besides I would rather have a screen at eye level without looking down just to watch something. AA and United make so many excuses regarding this but every flight I’m on, everyone pretty much uses the IFE


I’m flying on a 738 and MD95 in march I will be looking forward to the experience or any changes made to the seat.

Wow! This is pretty cool to hear. Looks like Delta is taking great care of their aircraft.

When I read the title, I was skeptical. Very. That’s crazy!

The 717 will live!

The 717 is essentially the last survivor of the DC-9 family, glad to see it will be flying well into the future! And TVs, Yes!


Can they add tbrmu to their crj200s and E175s? Or is that just up to skywest

Yay! That’s awesome, more chances to fly on it again!

It’s a solid move. The A220 fleet is still being built and all orders won’t be completed for quite some years yet. This plane is the only one that roughly fits the same profile it offers, especially as Delta continues to move towards taking over regional routes with their own mainline jets.

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Are the 717s still leased by Southwest?

I thought the 717s were alot older and I was hoping they would get retired. 20 years isnt that bad TBH. As much as people want to complain about it, they are safe aircraft and Delta does extensive maintainence checks on these birds. Can’t wait to see the new interiors!

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