Delta A350 makes an emergency landing in Alaska

Not sure if this is a first for the A350 or not so if some one wants back me up on it being the first thanks!

Kinda a cool story, a Delta Airbus A350-900 made an emergency landing in Fairbanks, Alaska after having an engine issued with the number 2 engine. the A350, flying as Delta Flight 159. The aircraft originated out of Detroit heading to Seoul Korea. The A350 landed in Fairbanks at 1546 local with 189 passengers, the passengers remained overnight in Fairbanks as technicians worked on the engine.

Fairbanks Airport put out a press released.


I wish it happened in Anchorage so I can check it out. But it’s still surprising the A350 is having problems.


We’ve had an A350 here before when Airbus brought their test bird up!


It’s a mechanical problem which can happen with any aircraft.


Nice visitor for those in Fairbanks. I’ve been there, and it’s quite a small city.


This is kinda common though. For a a350 it’s not too common but engine issues happen everyday it seams.

Sorry gents/ladies trying respond IFC is being stupid with the internal error…

Anyways while engine issues are common, this is the first time an A350 landing in Fairbanks which is a new event.

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Really? DTW-ICN is not a flight you’d see with 189.
Excited for spring to come as Severe T-Storms often divert ATL inbounds to us in CLT. Just need to come the right day

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Wow! Wasn’t expecting a word about the A350.


According to the official report 189 passengers, you can look at the Fairbanks International release!

why not ANCHORAGE!!!

Lol, all of us Anchorage bois are real salty about this one. It’s cool, though, I think that’s the first time ever an A350, an Airbus, or even a heavy at all, has landed at PAFA. That’s cool!


Flight plan takes them over the Pole and not Anchorage, actually stand by I can find what the Aircraft Dispatcher said!

Guess so 🤷‍♂️ I’ve been on ULH flights with like 25 free seats but not over 100. Would of loved to non rev biz on that one (even though of the miscue).

Avgeeks in Fairbanks:


From the Dispatcher!

“Anyone worked DL Flt 159 diversion to FAI? Republican Dispatchers are watching!”

“Yes I was
It was really a no brainer.
Flight on polar route, lost an engine, divert to nearest suitable.
FAI was closet with YXY a close second.
2 hour divert.
Everything went as it should, text book divert.
This ship was an A350 which is basically a flying HAL 9000
The plane told the crew and Mtc something was wrong with the engine then it said this, paraphrasing:
“Just a moment. Just a moment. I’ve just picked up a fault in the AE-35 unit. It’s going to go 100% failure in 72 hours.The A350 will be the first machine to become self aware when Skynet takes over.”


“Designed to handle any aircraft type”

Fairbanks? Wow.

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Yes Fairbanks can handle anything


I might be flying this route this summer. As much as I love the cold weather, I hope it doesn’t happen to me 😂

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You will be fine. During the summers, Fairbanks can get really hot. Sometimes it has fires because of the heat.


I’ve only seen the A350 once when it came to do patterns at KPIT, but it was one of the coolest things. Hopefully some summer T-Storms drive some 350s our way, but that’s some ways off

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