Delta A350 First Revenue Flight Tracking Thread

Since tomorrow is the first renevue service for the Delta A350, I decided to make this topic for updates. DL275 from Detroit to Tokyo leaves at 1:40PM EST, on N502DN (Delta’s 2nd A350)


There really is no need for this topic. Maybe have a topic with pictures of it’s first revenue flight with any video if there is any but there isn’t any point in us tracking every maiden flight for the airline.


I can definitely see your point, but at the same it is a major milestone for Delta and all their fans.

@Chatta290 & @RTG113
it is major, This is the aircraft replacing the queen of the skies, Is that not important?
This topic will be filled with hate comments to delta LOL, pictures, videos people saying" OMG it just flew over my house ".
This is the End of an Era for the 747 In The USA.
United and delta are the only US operators of the 747 and United is Just About a week away from retiring them completely.