Delta A350-900 and A330-300 Domestic Day-Trip to Phoenix

In college, you can do some pretty stupid stuff. This was nothing different. I spontaneously booked a round trip adventure from Detroit to Phoenix in the middle of my Writing Seminar Class. Mostly because I was bored but also stumbled across a very cheap fare with Delta. Only catch was a four hour layover in Atlanta. No biggie, I do enjoy airplanes. I had no reason to go to Phoenix, nor anywhere to stay, but I had the flight. So why not? So, here are a few snapshots of my fun-filled restless adventure to Arizona for 12 hours.

DL441 DTW-ATL A350-900 (N514DN)
DL664 ATL-PHX A330-300 (N814NW)

First look at N514DN at A40 in DTW

A side-shot of this beautiful A350-900

A snowy view from seat 43J

Post cockpit pic! (Crew escaped before I could say hello)

N814NW at gate F4, getting ready for her hop west to Phoenix

Seat 26J wing view

Phoenix in view as we descend from the north

Made it just in time for a west coast tradition

It’s just a few photos from a very hectic 36 hours. Feel free to view my stories on all my flights on my instagram @MJaviation!

Bye for now. I need to prep for this snow storm @Delta319 keeps raving to me about.


Love the pics and thanks for flying Delta 😀


did you enjoy your time in Phoenix?

lol. NIce photos! Hoping to fly on a 350 someday soon!


For me, that would be so amazing ^^ I once booked myself two connecting flights on separate days instead of a one-day trip, so I could stay in Madrid’s Terminal 5 the whole night! It was definitely tiring but also definitely worth it as Madrid is quite night-active and I got to see what’s secretly going on at airports during the night!

fun times abound


I am getting snow tonight in my area!

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I did enjoy all of 12 hours of it. Sleeping in PHX airport seemed like a vibe (and it was). Shame your Whataburgers close their dine-in at 10pm


Sounds swell enough. I enjoyed the four hours, but I do also miss fresh air and not having to spend $16 on a small burger and cold fries. I guess you get what you get?

@atl.avgeek Delta 👀

I luckily wasn’t able to spend money because everything besides a few vending machines were closed at night xD
When they finally opened at 5:30am I bought a hell lot of Starbucks though 😂

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