Delta A333 KJFK-EGLL

Hello, it’s been some time since i posted a topic here, fews reasons are no time anymore and a personal loss, and haven’t been flying as much as before, however i went through recent flights and got some pictures of my flight from KJFK-EGLL during last weeks FNF. I hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave criticism.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Time: NA
Aircraft: Deltas A333

Just after pushback engines firing up, snapped a picture of a A346 i believe it was taking off heading to EGLL as well

Holding short of 31L waiting for clearance from tower

Rotate, Gear up, taking off of 31L heading to EGLL

@rockpapernuke i believe cruising at FL350 probably going at mach .84 or so, meanwhile i am at FL370 going Mach .82

On 7NM final, while a FedEx roars out of EGLL on 27L

And we have touchdown almost 🙂

Thanks for checking out my pictures as always any feedback is good feedback for me👍


The last picture is awesome! The wing flex is just 👌


Thanks🙂 i agree

Wow! All of these are amazing!

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Thank you for the feedback 👍

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I agree, amazing last photo 😍

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All the pictures are great, but the last one and the 4th one are the best! Would love to see more!

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thank you🙂 i will in a few weeks

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Last one is really good. Nice job m8!

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@Bravo59 @twig thank you

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Imagine it with gear tilt

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I mean if any aircraft gets truck tilt, definitely expect me to get moon shots showing the tilt👍

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