Delta A330-300 Routes From ATL

Hi everyone! I am currently at KATL airport and I want to fly the Delta A330-300 on a domestic route from KATL. I don’t know where to go can I please have some real life routes. Thank you!

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Check some delta A330 routes from Atlanta here

Sure here is a route you can do ATL-LAX

KJFK and KSLC are two that I can find right now, but still looking.

@RyMan Delta does not use the A330-300 on KATL-KLAX.

I use the a330-300 from atl to lax always a good route!

-RyMan 🙂

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I know they use the 330neo on ATL-SEA sometimes but you could do it on the -300. And definitely ATL-HNL, i’ve flown this one on the -300 in real life.

@RyMan OP is asking for an IRL route though

I know sorry

From what I know, here are the main routes:


There might be more though.

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KPHX-KATL…every day and back (mostly with an A321 lately though)

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From ATL to HNL, DTW, MSP, PHX, SLC, PDX, and SEA that is all 333 Routes this Month Domestic! Out of ATL for Delta! 👍

KATL-LGAV is a cool route on the A333

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