Delta A330-300 JFK-MIA

Hello everyone! I was on flight radar 24 one day and it showed that the JFK-MIA route was being operated by a Delta 767-300 and I was wondering if it would be realistic for me to fly the Delta A330-300 on that route because both of the planes are wide bodies. Please let me know, thank you!

If you want to fly the A330-300, then go for it. No one is going to stop you.

What @LuminousNate said, up to you, Infinite Flight gives you the freedom to fly any route in any aircraft.

The only time I try to stop someone is when @DeerCrusher flies a China Southern 77F from Las Vegas to Orlando 😭


I think what he’s asking is would it be realistic. Are there flights IRL JFK-MIA that use the A330?

Not to my knowledge, Delta sometimes does equipment swaps every one in awhile. He could replicate one of those.

No but there are ones that use the 767-300 and the A330-300 is also a wide body so I was thinking of doing that

It was mention that Delta swaps equipment at times which is true. Maybe find the route history on Flightaware or Flightradar24 if possible and see if a airframe change was recorded.

More importantly if you really want to fly the Airbus just go for it …personally I try to stick to as realistic flights as possible or don’t do them…BUT there comes a time to do what you want. I just flew a United A350 from KSFO to PHOG and thats all fantasy, just because I wanted to try a A350 on that route



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