Delta A330-300/330-200(if/when added) Delta Belly

Image Source: Perfect angle: Speeding Porsche yields dynamic Delta video | Delta News Hub

The iconic Delta Belly 😍😋 A wonderful way to do PR/marketing & to show Delta proud! 💪 Many of Delta’s AND other Airlines’ A330s have this feature in real life. It would increase realism, be more more enjoyable, increase demographics; user/subscriber increase (could use it to show realism while marketing for new subscribers), show loyalty to current subscribers, virtual airlines (Delta & SkyTeam), replay AND the super resolution screenshots feature just added would be perfect for this! Plus any Delta fans definitely would LOVE this. (I received permission to create a new/updated feature request for this by a moderator)

Other A330s in the app already have this feature and Delta truly deserves this addition as well.

11 A330-200 & 31 A330-300 are in real life Delta’s fleet (currently)

Come on Delta Fam 💪

It would be a great addition, I don’t think we will see it unless they change the livery. Likely it’s the same livery from the initial release of the A330. We shall await it though!


This will make the livery more realistic when the A330 gets a full rework from scratch.


Having the delta A330-300/200 on IF would be amazing as well as the Qantas Livery.


It would be Nice to have this ones

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i love that

Truly needed in the rework

Hopefully it comes in the rework. I will do a flight from HNL-MSP

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