Delta A321

I was wondering if I could fly the Delta A321 from KACY to EGLL nonstop because I was going to fly this route on the 737-900, but the A321’s range is longer and it may be more stable. Please let me know!

I think the A321 on empty load can fly very far, even as far as transpacific depending on winds, so this should be no problem, provided you step climb and dont go full thrust

You’ll be fine. Start at FL310 as you’ll be very heavy. fpltoif says 6:12 estimated flight time.

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I am flying with not a lot of cargo and full passengers.

Considering an a318 flies nonstop from KJFK-EGLC (further away than EGLL) this flight shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you stepclimb as said by @tinytinnytin

How do you step climb exactly?

just raise the altitude every few hours. saves fuel

Should I start at 29,000 feet?

Ex. Start at FL28 after an hour gradually increase your altitude to FL300 then FL320 or were ever your cruise altitude is.

Ok, thank you so much! Could I fly this route nonstop both ways with a 737-900 also if I step climb?

You could fly both ways without step climbing. I personally dont and I do really long flights with narrow body jets (CYVR-NTAA in an A321).

Ok, thank you so much for your help!

Like everyone else has said, you’ll be fine, I flew Dublin to Minneapolis in an A321 and it took 7 Hours and 15 minutes. And if you’re willing to lose some weight you can stretch that even farther, I flew from Seattle to Honolulu In a 717 even though it took 5 and half hours and the range is only 3:30

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Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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