Delta A321 - KACY-KMIA

1) Delta A321 from KACY-KMIA

2) KACY-KMIA - Training Server - 2:09

3) Here are my photos!

Delta A321 sitting at KACY gate 5 finishing up the boarding process, and getting ready for its night flight. (Terminal View)

Delta A321 taxiing to runway 31 at KACY to head off to KMIA. (Tower View)

Delta A321 taking off on runway 31 at KACY. (Outside Plane View)

Delta A321 climbing out of KACY to go to KMIA. (Left Wing View)

Delta A321 cruising at 32,000 feet. (Flight Deck View)

Delta A321 cruising at 32,000 feet. (Right Wing View)

Delta A321 on final at KMIA runway 12. (Outside Plane View)

Delta A321 slowing down on runway 12 at KMIA. (Tower View)

Delta A321 parked at gate H4 as the passengers deplane. (Terminal View)

Sorry if the photos were hard to see because of the lighting.

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woah the A321 became a spacecraft…jk Nice photos

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