Delta a321 from SAN-MSP

Hello IFC and happy Tuesday!

Flight info

flight time: 3:14
Plane and livery: Delta a321
Server: expert


At KSAN with @nyim_glenn in the background



Cruise at FL350
Might of done a few nose dives off camera πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Short final

LoUd PlAnE

Crosswind landing, I believe it was -346 or something around that

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Thanks, and cya tomorrow!


Nice pics. I hate when ive made a fpl and i have to change it mid flight cause winds at my destination airport have changed.

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Nice to see someone flying to Minneapolis


real nice airport. Its kinda cool how it has a full on mall inside of it.


Nice flight! I’ve never done this exact routes, but since I live in Minneapolis, I’ve done many like this in real life and on Infinite Flight. MSP is a great airport, as @StormyAviation mentioned. We’ve been voted best in North America many years in a row!

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I live an hours flight away from Minneapolis and as I fly Delta every chance I get, I have the entire airport mapped out in my head. (Even the secret observation deck over Concourse D) I really am looking forward to the day when IF comes out with it in 3d.

Yes, me too! I fly Sun Country very often, and know Terminal 2 like the back of my hand. It’s a heck of a lot smaller than Terminal 1, but still!

I’ve only been in Terminal 2 once when I flew Southwest for a school trip to DC. It’s a great small, calm, laid back building. (Not that Terminal 1 was chaotic by any measure πŸ˜‰)

Yep, nice and calm! Last time I flew out of Terminal 2 (December 24, 2022), it was in the midst of the Southwest crisis, and when I went down to all of the Southwest gates, there were dozens of passengers shouting at the gate agents. I feel so bad for those airline employees that were just being yelled at nonstop and having to rebook hundreds of people on different flights. Luckily, I was flying Sun Country that day, but still ended up with a 4 hour delay because of jetway/crew issues.