Delta A320 blocks a Qatar Airways A380 at Atlanta!

So apparently Delta and Qatar Airways have been in an almighty spat about something. Anyway in order to ‘rub salt in their wounds’ Qatar airways are beginning to operate a service to Atlanta with a Boeing 777-200LR, with the inaugural flight using an A380. But as Atlanta only have one A380 gate, there were inevitably some problems! Read below


That delta pilot is a 10/10 savage.


The pilot had nothing to do with it if you read the article…


How can Delta park at an a380 gate if they dont have an a380. And this whole thing cracks me up


These people are acting like kindergarten kids😠 Why you care if an foreign airline starts a competition in your hub? Every airline travels to the hub of their rival airline and vice versa. If you can’t take anymore the competition, just go away or make things better, be aggressive. Does Delta operates flights to Doha?


This is hilarious. Airline drama. It’s like two kids fighting over a toy!


Watch, Qatar will start sponsoring the Fox Theatre.


Exactly the reason they are in a feud is because they believe they are receiving more goverment money when the airline is owned by the goverment anyway so why does it matter and of that is the case then step up your game delay and invest in proper customer service and new planes not the old ones with old cabins and rude staff, American carriers don’t deserve to be best at anything when they don’t even try they majority of their passengers would rather fly another airline anyway

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This could help you to understand, I read something like that too and this has relation with the open skies.


I don’t need proof for Qatar it’s a 5 star airline which I will fly on in August but delta is not a good airline the staff aren’t very hospitable and their aircraft aren’t all retrofitted with interiors to suit a so called good airline

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How do you know this? Have you flown with them? Any experience with them?

Yes I have and it wasn’t a good airline at all I flew with them from the UK to Orlando which was 2 flights as there was a stopover at Atlanta so that’s a total of 6 flights I would say that’s enough flights to judge their service however it seems now it hasn’t changed much as people still complain although it is better then some other carriers in America it’s not the best

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One trip isn’t enough to judge an airline bad. Everyone (including airlines) deserves a second chance.


Why are some of us fighting? Also, what is the problem with the US and the Persian Gulf carriers? Seriously, it is just so petty.


Mmmhmm! Yeah 4-6 flights is enough to judge an Airline by. 4-6 flights. That is a good number to mark an airline on. 4-6 flights and the service is bad. HE/SHE CAN SAY THAT AND IT IS VALID!!! This is supporting Chatta290 by the way.

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The problem is the US caries are bringing up the reasons for the gulf carriers success is due to goverment money and they aren’t happy and really they should not care and should focus on their own airline, the gulf carriers dont tend to mix themselves up with the the issue but apparently after 9/11 they also received goverment money but I’m not too sure they both have received money and are not happy about it

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Serves them right. It made my day. Delta 10/10.


Of course US. Air lines got money from the government from the result of 9/11. There was a tremendous decrease in passengers from all of the airlines in the US.