Delta A319 - KACY-KTPA

1) Delta A319 from KACY-KTPA

2) KACY-KTPA - Training Server - 2:27

3) Here are my photos!

Delta A319 sitting at KACY Gate 9 waiting to pushback for its afternoon flight to KTPA.

Delta A319 taxiing to runway 13 to depart at KACY.

Delta A319 taking off on runway 13 at KACY.

View from KACY control tower as the Delta A319 heads off to KTPA.

Views from the flight deck and the outside of the aircraft as the plane cruises at 32,000 feet over North Carolina.

Front of the Delta A319 as it descends into KTPA.

View from the KTPA control tower as the Delta A319 lands on runway 19L.

View from the right side of the aircraft as the plane parks at gate E65 at KTPA.

View from the terminal at gate E65 as passengers wait to board the flight back to KACY.

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I like these pictures! Keep up the good work mate! The Delta A319 is a cool plane, a livery on one of my favorite planes in the sim. Post more of these, I really like them!

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3 and 5 has to be my favorite, impressive pics!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, I am definitely going to post more on the screenshots section!