Delta A319 JFK-MSP With a Medical Emergency

Flight Information:
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Aircraft: Airbus A319 (N315NB)
Departure Airport: New York/JFK (KJFK)
Arrival Airport: Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport (KMSP)
Flight Number: DL2304
Gate to Gate Time: 4 hours, 44 minutes
Air Time: 2 hours, 16 minutes
Trip Leg: 2/2

After our flight from Martha’s Vineyard, and a couple hours at JFK, it was time to board our second and final flight home, on Delta Air Line’s Airbus A319, registered as N315NB. According to AirFleets, the plane was delivered new to Northwest Airlines in May of 2000, then passed along to Delta when NW was absorbed by the Atlanta based company in 2009.

Boarding was just a couple minutes late, and went pretty smoothly.
I asked the F/A if I could peek into the cockpit, and they went a step further by introducing me to our flight crew.

The captain and I talked about our flight plan while the F/O finished setting things up for the journey. (Sorry, the cockpit controls look weird on camera.

I took my seat, and shortly afterword the safety video began.This A321neo parked next to us at gate 53 was heading over to Seattle, I believe.

We pushed, got some nice PTU action, and started to taxi to line up for takeoff behind all the other planes. Maybe a minute into the taxi, there was a commotion a few rows behind me, and the purser came out the PA. “We have a medical emergency. If you are a medical professional, please ring your call bell.” Instantly, two call bells went off. One was a woman sitting directly in front of me, who was a podiatrist. The F/As told her that they were going to keep looking for someone else, but if she was the only medical professional onboard, they’ll come grab her.

In the Comfort + section, another call bell went off. As the flight attendants rushed the woman seated there back towards the scene, she hurriedly explained she was a pulmonology nurse. As the patient was just a few rows back, I heard everything unfold. As she started a round of vitals, the plane totally started turning back to the gate. The F/A was on a hushed phone call to the flight deck for a few moments.

Apparently, the patient (who seemed to be in her 90s), had trouble breathing and lost consciousness, according to her husband. The F/As got her on oxygen, and she woke up. A quick announcement from the purser informed us that we were going back to the gate immediately. It seemed to me like it was a couple of gates from our starting point.

Our very brief taxi path on FR24. We parked, and the jet bridge was connected. After a surprisingly long wait, an officer/paramedic from the Port Authority boarded, and wheeled the patient off the plane.

I only took a picture of the officer, not the scene, out of respect for the situation.

There was about an hour long delay at the gate while IFR clearances and whatnot were refilled, and we finally pushed back. Our taxi was very long, with lots of waiting behind the line of planes queuing up for takeoff.

We roared down the runway, and into the sky we went.

Comfortably up at cruise over Pennsylvania, I tried out the Wi-Fi. It was slow, and pretty spotty, but better than nothing, and still allowed me to track myself on FR24. Pretty cool to see that blue location dot on top of the plane, I must say.

Over western Michigan, we flew through the edge of some storms, which made things pretty bumpy, and disrupted the cabin service briefly.

Oh… those are some pretty cool looking storms over there. My sister and I played a few rounds of Tic Tac Toe on the IFE screens (she totally beat me, not going to lie).

I decided to get myself a Bistro Box, which included:

  • Potato Chips
  • Oreos
  • Gummy Bears
  • Rosemary/Olive oil crackers
  • Cheese spread
  • Beef stick
  • Roasted almonds
    It was decent, but what do you expect from domestic economy.

Soon enough, it was time to descend into Minneapolis as the sun began to set.

Sorry, I have no idea what happened to the quality of this photo!

The approach path was pretty busy as we made our way down into the Twin Cities, and I took it upon myself to follow along on LiveATC. That’s something I’d highly recommend given the opportunity.

Our landing was firm, but OK. It seemed a little late to me, but the runways here are pretty long, so no harm done. We parked on stand, deplaned, grabbed our bag, and took a Lyft home. All in all, a pretty OK flight (besides the medical emergency).


Food: 7/10
Crew: 10/10 (amazing job dealing with the medical emergency!)
Seat Comfort: 8/10
Cabin Cleanliness: 9/10
Landing: 5/10.
IFE/Wi-Fi: 4/10
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nice proper trip report!

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Thanks @AviationFreak !

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Judging by the analog standby instruments, I believe the A319 you were flying on was equipped with CRT displays that have a lower refresh rate compared to the newer A320’s with LCD displays. Therefore, the screens appear to flicker when taking a video at a higher frame rate or the screens can appear blank when a photo is perfectly timed, just like yours was


Yeah, that would make sense. This is an older plane after all.

WiFi and IFE on Delta is the best in the sky. Not sure how it’s only a 4/10. It’s always a 10/10 for me! Nice trip report though!


Thanks! It was really the Wi-Fi that brought the score down, plus the screen had quite some lag.

How? It’s free and really fast (unless your plane wasn’t equipped with the new wifi).

That’s rare also. Depends how laggy it is.

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It’s funny that you had the Bistro box, because Allegiant sells the exact same thing and it has the same items. Delta and Allegiant must buy them from the same supplier. XD

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It could be that it had the old wifi, or the Wi-Fi router was being wonky.

Yeah. The screen was not very responsive and took a long time to change screens/click on things. I will say that Icelandair’s Wi-Fi and IFE screens definitely outperformed Delta on this one.

Nice to see other people in the cockpit!! My favorite place, my second home. ❤️

Nice report, @Mort.

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it was most likely a issue with your certain IFE box, bc i was on a DL A319 back in december and there was no lag.

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I have to agree with you! I got to sit in the captains seat, and I couldn’t help but imagine myself there in 10 or 15 years (well, on the right side).

Thanks @American321 !

Must be! I wish I got to try some of their more robust meals, but it’s not a long enough flight.

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Wishing you the best of luck.

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You, too! I actually met an American captain on the airbuses (based at DFW) who was jumpseating to Minneapolis in the terminal. Where is your dad based?

You picked the correct airline to fly on

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Also, why such a low rating? The Wi-Fi is free and where else do you find that?

It was free, but super spotty and patchy. I think it’s better on the newer aircraft or ones that have newer Wi-Fi systems. The 757 wifi was way better.

Still, IcelandAir has amazing wifi, super quick and reliable.

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Nice! He’s currently based in DFW. Headed out tomorrow on the 6:30am flight to base.

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