Delta A220


My house is right under the departure path for aircraft flying from San Jose! Hopefully I will also be able to get a nice view of the A220 when Delta flies it for the Seattle to San Jose route!

Not to get off-topic


I’ll try free up a vote for this


He wasnt on the flight. He was just sharing links to @Emiliano_Padilla’s and @HiFlyer’s experiences.


I heard Jetblue will be replacing their eje 190x with this aircraft definitely voting for this


I would love to see this aircraft on IF, but maybe more so when there are more airlines operating this aircraft, but amazing idea though!


This would be a great plane to have so we can keep the airbus fleet in order


If this plane get into infinite flight we could fly it from KLAX to PHNL
it has the range for that witch I think is pretty cool