Delta A220 Inaugural: The flight experience! VIDEO OUT!

Hello everybody!

As many of you know, on Thursday (February 7, 2019) this past week I had the opportunity to fly on the inaugural Delta A220 flight, from LaGuardia to Boston Logan. This is the trip report for that flight. Hopefully you enjoy it!

The video has been released:

Flight Details

Flight #: DL744
Carrier: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: A220-100
Registration: N102DU
SDT: 1100Z
SAT: 1220Z
ADT: 1100Z
AAT: 1208Z

just a forewarning, there is more than 10 pics in the post, but I think the occasion is special enough for that

The night before the flight, I drove up to NYC, to stay in a hotel. After getting only 5 hours of sleep, it was time to wake up at 4am ET. I left the hotel at 4:30, and arrived at LGA’s terminal C at 4:45. I already checked in the day before, so allI had to do was go through security, which took only a couple of minutes.

The gate my flight was departing from was C38, and that is where I went, to find a delightful party celebrating the launch into service.

Pastries, yogurt, and coffee were served

Here is our ride, N102DU, a 2 month old aircraft. I love the distinct cockpit look!

Two speeches were given, one by Chuck Imhof (VP of East Sales at Delta) and the other by Ginny Elliott (director of LGA airport operations for Delta).


Following the two speeches, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place.

A fun thing to note about this celebration were some of the people I saw there. Some people I recognized were Jeb Brooks (YouTuber), ThePointsGuy (Blogger), Chris Sloan (writer), Ben Wang (writer), and also @Emiliano_Padilla.
After the celebration, it was time to board at around 5:30am. I settled into my seat 11A, in the Economy Comfort+ cabin. It featured 34 in of pitch, 18.6 in of width, an large IFE screen, and a power port.


11A, my seat for the flight

We pushed back right on time at 6:00am , and then made our way to runway 13 for departure.

Lining up on runway 13

The takeoff was spectacular, as the engines are incredibly quiet. Compared to a 757-200, this aircraft has a quieter takeoff than a 757 taxiing!


Above the clouds

We reached our cruising altitude of FL210, and as soon as the seatbelt sign came off I joined the line to look at the bathroom in the back, which was about 10 people deep.


The cabin was lit blue, which was pretty nice


And here is the famous bathroom! It is very spacious and super clean, but the window is the best part! This beats any narrowbody (or widebody) bathroom!

After only a 6 minute cruise, we were already descending into BOS


We quickly approached the rainy and foggy Boston, and broke through the low cloud cover to touch down on runway 4R


A lengthy taxi took us to gate A8, where this flight terminated

After the engines were shut down, I went up to the cockpit to have a look. It is mainly electronic, and features a fly-by-wire system. It looks very futuristic and modern, maybe someone on the IFC may pilot this aircraft in the future!


The A220-100 cockpit

Thank you so much for reading! This, simply put, was a spectacular flight. The only downside was that the flight was delayed by 1 week, which caused me to lose my first class seat. No complaints though, I am just thankful that I was able to be on this!

I would appreciate if you subscribed to my YouTube, HiFlyer, for more aviation content. I have a interesting video coming out pretty soon about a rejected takeoff I had on the way home from the A220 flight…


This is extremely cool!

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Absolutely amazing. What a great experience that must have been!


Lucky You! I want to fly on the A220 soon! Nice report!

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Great Trip Report! The A220/CS100 looks to be quite the narrowbody. Hopefully, more of us can experience what you did.

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Beautiful photos. Looks like you enjoyed yourself too much. You’re a man of your word and you upheld your promise. 😉



There are WINDOWS in the bathroom?!?! I-I’m just SO surprised! I mean,being able to see outside,WHILE in the toilet?! That’s just unbelievable!

Lucky you…


On Emirates’ A380s’ , there are windows in the business class bathrooms as well :)

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The Emirates A380’s bathrooms would count as an exception :)


Next thing you know your using the washroom before Pushback and see someone spying at you

Awesome experience and story! Now where do I vote for one of these beauties on Infinite Flight 😍 Thanks for sharing!


Amazing mate! I have to try this beauty out!

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This looks just unbelieveable. I hope you enjoyed the flight.

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Thank you @RotorGuy @MrMrMan @Luke_Sta @anon7075715 @SimpleWaffles @JT_Playz @Dylan_M
@Tyler_Shelton I know you can’t quite possibly be serious, but if you would like to vote, here ya go!: Bombardier CSeries/Airbus A220
Thanks for all the support, the video should be out in 2 hours or so!


I wish to be on the A220 sometime in the future! :D

The good new is that on June 13, the A220 is coming to San Jose for the SJC-SEA route (a route I fly so often in my life) and I hope I will be able to fly it! :D

Crossing my fingers! :D


You can vote down below

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Nice review, Isaac!

Looks like you had a wonderful experience. The Airbus A220 looks so eye-catching inside and out. Can’t wait to fly on one someday. :)

Also hope you enjoyed your short stay at Logan. Sorry we couldn’t meet up.


Video is now live:


Wow! great post 😉
my favourite picture is the cockpit,
its so clean and beautiful

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Wow that is so cool. I can’t wait to fly on that aircraft. That bathroom looks way better than the one on British Airways too.

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