Delta A220 first flight may be delayed

Delta has come out to say that it’s first A220 flight may be delayed since there are no available FAA inspectors to inspect the aircraft since they are all off the job due to the US Government shutdown. It would be a real shame since it’s a gorgeous aircraft. It’s been hopping around today doing crew training, including a trip to Pittsburgh. (@Delta319 has been tracking it it seems, so you bug him about that 😉) But there have been no passengers onboard.


Hopefully this won’t happen, as I really like the CS100 (only OGs remember). When is the first flight exactly scheduled to be?


I really hope this doesn’t happen, as it would be a shame for all the people who booked flights, avgeek or people who just need a vacation or who are getting to a meeting.


Well I’m sure that flight will still happen, just on a regular 737 or ERJ, I doubt they will just leave people stranded since he said there wolnt be a big problem with schedules…

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Then mainly avgeeks lol.
They paid money to get on an A220 and for that to not happen would be a bit disappointing. Fun that you get to fly but disappointing that it’s not a C series.


This is actually quite sad.

Yay for America and Politics!big sarcasm


the scarebus A220 NOOOOOO

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@HiFlyer ya might wanna look into this…

I’m not gonna get into politics, but this is super annoying.
The government better open up soon…


Oh No. Well, at least its not grounded due to mechanical failure…

I hope a statement comes around for the rescheduled first flight (A good friend of mine was set to travel on it). But with the GOV shutdown, things aren’t looking up for the CS-100/A220-100.

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I also like the A220 passenger plane. I hope that the IF can also be updated. When it comes to the A220, the Bombardier CS series aircraft has to be mentioned. Bombardier has spent a lot of time on this aircraft, and this will have the effect of ordering the A220 aircraft from so many companies behind.

Unfortunate news has just come in that the A220 will be delayed.

This is unfortunate news for people that have purchased tickets on the aircraft, such as @HiFlyer on the inaugural and myself.


That is quite a disappointment. But most of us knew it was gonna happen so 🤷🏼‍♂️. What can we do?

Odd, I saw one at CVG, parked at a gate on January 1st. I assumed it was in service.

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I was in Atlanta during a layover and saw about 3 or 4 of them. They are a really nice looking aircraft and it would be a shame for their flight to be delayed
And @gjwhite14 I thought they were in service the first time I saw one too. They use gates so the crew can hop on and off the plane relatively quickly so they don’t occupy a gate for too long.

The A220 has been been flying to KDAB near Riddle since they got it. I see the plane everyday at least 3 times.

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This really sucks. Hopefully I can get re-booked on the new one.


Ya, I want those lavatory pictures… 😂

UPDATE: got re-booked, but in comfort+ unfortunately. However I am still lucky to be on the flight.

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The shutdown just ended as of 2 hours ago. Hopefully they can get those planes inspected ASAP!

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