Delta A220-300

Delta A220-300

Source: Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-300 N308DU – v1images Aviation Media

With the A220’s addition to the game being recently announced, I noticed there wasn’t a request for this livery! I would love to see Delta’s A220-300 in-game! Delta is a huge American airline, and one of the biggest A220 operators in the world!

Make sure to vote if you want as well!

Credit to @GBKarp for the topic.

Thanks for creating the new one. Not sure why the other was closed since it’s not a duplicate, the other is for -100


I’ll vote for this because it’s probably the only livery I’ll end up flying if I even fly this thing lol

What other liveries are there even? I know of Air Baltic, JetBlue, Delta, and SWISS but that’s about it to my knowledge.

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Oh okay. I’ve heard of like two of those 😂

Anyway I’ll vote for this thing since it’s coming so might as well

Anyways you’ll discover more A220 operators with us now :)

Sounds awesome but like, I’ve never heard of any of these airlines and they’ll probably never be used by a lot of us, let’s be honest. Like it or not, I’m afraid that’s the way it is.

As lame and “un-diverse” as it sounds, I think I’ll be flying mostly Delta, JetBlue, and Breeze if I’m being honest. Maybe some air Canada


Beautiful. Hopefully some new routes on it soon!


I wouldn’t waste your vote on this, Delta is the world’s largest A220 operator so if it doesn’t get added I think we have bigger issues


Something really wrong about this community is that people don’t vote because they are so sure it’s coming that they believe voting is unnecessary

Funny how that only happens for us airlines too


I’m sorry but for Swiss and Delta it’s pointless at this point, it’s obvious that they’ll be added, even dare to doubt about it is the real problem. It’s more useful to vote for less known operators on the A220.

No need to come at us lol

I love Delta and Swiss A220 right, but yeah…


That’s the thing. Why should it be pointless? Why doesn’t every airline have the same chance of being added

I understand this has one of the largest fleet sizes for the model, however I don’t see voting as pointless

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Voting isn’t pointless, voting for Delta and Swiss are since it’s obvious that they’ll be added considering that they’re well known and really needed. Let’s not modify sentences lol. I literally said that it’s important to vote, but more for the less known ones because it’s not 100% sure, our votes will help more there than here , no need to feel attacked because we didn’t vote for Delta,


I agree with that, but not voting due to certainty something is coming even without any confirmation is what I believe is wrong

Well anyway i like this livery a lot

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I love it too, I was so happy when I saw first Delta A220 in FR24 , I don’t know why, it’s like a must have, as they should !
The livery fits the airplane a lot


Community: says voting for a certain livery is pointless because it’s basically guaranteed

IF: shocks community by not adding it

Me: image


I tried looking for the quote from one of the Staff members from before about how long it takes to make a livery but I know that the whole aircraft can take 6-12 months to be made. By the time they are announced I would imagine that means they are at the end of development, moving on to the next aircraft, so the likelihood that they will add another livery seems low.

So I would imagine that if the livery requested gets added it’s either because a, it was already chosen and this request is a coincidence, or b, they for some reason wanted to and had time to add it. B seems less likely.

That being said I like the Delta livery and hope it gets added.


I think they are A220-100’s with just s few 300 series
I may be wrong.

I am sure the Infinite Flight team will consider this beauty

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Delta original order was total of 95 Airbus A220 aircraft, including 45 A220-100s, and 50 A220-300s.
Don’t know if this has changed. First deliveries into service were 100’s . Not that it matters. The use 300’s
I didn’t know it was almost a even split . Thanks

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