Delta 787 Livery Removal

The Delta 788 livery needs to be removed because Delta cancelled the order after they merged with northwest airlines, so the livery is basically useless because it’s not used for any routes irl because it doesn’t exist.

Not useless, if someone wants to fly the livery, let them fly the livery. It’s not that big of a deal.


Just because it’s not realistic doesn’t mean it has to be removed. Why make the devs go through something that is unnecessary?


if your gonna make a feature request, you should vote for your own request. i think it’s a unique livery


There has been multiple topics about this earlier, last year. The conclusion was to let it stay even if Delta doesn’t own any 787-8 aircraft. Why remove something that’s finished, that is working? Where does it say that we need to remove liveries that isn’t real?

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I think it should be removed. Realism is important. If the livery isn’t removed, it means that the IF development team doesn’t care about realism. They should also remove the Air Berlin on the A319 and B737-700.


Imagine if you were a developer who put a bunch of work into a livery just for you to be told that it’s useless and that it will be removed. You wouldn’t like it and neither would Jarno or our other developers who spend time creating liveries


Sometimes a thing here and there may be wrong but in the end as someone said above it works. There are multiple liveries on the A359 that haven’t been delivered to their airline. There’s a possibility they could cancel those orders like delta did with the 787. There’s no point in removing those as someone may like the livery on the aircraft.


I think the Delta livery for the was being made before the orders were canceled. Also, I should mention Jarno and the rest of the 3D modeling team put a load of work into making individual liveries. I wouldn’t see a point in removing the product of talent. Besides. I don’t even mind the fact that it exists. As long as it looks good, it’s still flyable.


Flying it would mean flying unrealistically.

When they were making the livery at the time, Delta placed orders for the 787-8. They released the 787-8 with the Delta livery in Infinite Flight before Delta officially announced that they were canceling the orders and the developers did not know that.

What you say is simply not true, if you don’t think it’s realistic, don’t fly it, it’s as simple as that. The developers have creates so many liveries that they are asked to be removed

But since the order is cancelled, the livery should be removed.

They made the livery when Delta placed the order. They were just thinking ahead.

Absolutely untrue.

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I think it is true. What is the issue with removing a livery which doesn’t exist? As the OP stated, all he wants is to ask for that livery to be removed. No need to turn this into a hateful conversation.

People might want to fly it. The main thing I’m getting at is that you are taking an unnecessary shot at FDS for “not caring” about realism which as anyone other than you and they would say they do care because after all, they made this one of the most realistic mobile simulators out there.

Mostly the work done by creating the livery in the first place

Guys, I don’t want to see some war in the replies about what’s realistic and what is not. If you think it’s unrealistic, totally fine. Just pretend it’s not there in the first place and keep the thoughts inside. But keep in mind there are people who like its existence despite it not being here. I’m seriously about to start flagging because of the negative stuff I’m seeing


I don’t see why there’s a reason to remove something when it’s already fine and a livery in the app. So should the Civil Air Patrol livery be taken out of the app since it’s on the 182? There’s always going to be an error here and there just in general. The livery doesn’t affect the gameplay of the app. If you don’t like it don’t fly it. I think since it’s already been stated that the Delta 787 livery will stay there’s no need for another topic. :)

Again folks, if you don’t like the livery don’t fly it. Problem solved.

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