Delta 777-200LR MSP-ATL

Aircraft Type and Route: B77L from Minneapolis to Atlanta

Route, Departure Time, Arrival Time, Server: 1850 CST - 2143 EST, Flown Solo

Pushing back

Departure from MSP’s RWY 17

Somewhere over the Midwest

At the gate in Atlanta


As a Minneapolisian, I approve!

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We need MSP soon in IF.

Yes! I think it’s being worked on.

We don’t fly those planes anymore.

And even if we did, we don’t fly that large of a plane to Atlanta.

I agree. I love MSP.

Delta don’t operate the 777 anymore 💀

That’s what I’m saying. I got to tour the very last flight of it.

The Spirit of Atlanta.

Nor does anyone fly the DC-10 or MD-11 in passenger service. But here we are, because trijets are cool. The same can be said for the 777, which Delta hadn’t quite retired when the rework came out.

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