Delta 777-200 "Ron Allen" Interim Colors N860DA

Delta 777-200 “Ron Allen” interim colors N860DA

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Named after Ron Allen, the CEO of Delta whom led the company during its financial turnaround in the mid 1990’s, this livery was one of the last things he did be fore being ousted by the company in 1997. This replaced the Iconic widget livery, though was unpopular and disliked by employees and was replaced in 2000 by Colors in Motion

Livery Description

The livery underwent a major change in 1997, with the cheat-line changed to curve down over the nose of the aircraft (with a similar red accent) and two-tone serif “Delta Air Lines” titles. The tail was painted entirely blue as well, with a curved red accent along the leading edge. The engine nacelles received the same deemphasized textsign as the forward fuselage” -Wikipedia

My Take

N860DA and N861DA were the first and second 777’s Delta received and the only ones painted in the Ron Allen scheme. Given the age of the 777-200, adding retro liveries in the update such as this one allows us to return to the younger years of 777, and to experience the 90’s in all its glory. This livery is a modern spin on the cheat-line, and would look amazing in the Atlanta sunset as it blasts away to Europe and South America.

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I like a little retro in the IF skies, so I voted

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Wow didn’t know I rode on a 772 (861DA) that was once in the Ron Allen colours. I sometimes think the livery looks rlly nice, but there are times where I think it’s pretty ugly. Don’t think we have any Ron Allen livery for DL in IF so it would be quite cool to have it (although we already have their other older livery).


I would absolutely love to see any old Delta livery on that thing.

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Beautiful livery!!

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I personally think that the Delta’s best airplane -livery combo was the Tristan and the original widget livery!

But the 777 is still cool

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It definitely didn’t look right on all aircraft types, but it suited the 777, 757, and MD11 really nicely!

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Thanks for voting for it! Cheers!

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Giving this a bump, would love to see more retro liveries for the 777-200 like this one!

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With the news of Delta retiring their 777’s by years end, this would be great to have as a throw back to their happier, brighter days!

This would be an excellent Delta addition! On an aircraft as great as the 777, no less.